Birds can be a nuisance in many public areas, and also cause costly disruption to businesses and homes. Common bird pests are pigeons and seagulls, which perch on roof ridges and ledges, dislodge tiles and deface buildings and vehicles with their droppings. Seagulls can also attack humans during nesting season.

Bird droppings also present a health hazard and can transmit serious diseases such as E Coli and Ornithosis. Nesting and roosting sites also encourage increased insect infestation, including bird mites and fleas. There is no single method of controlling birds, and PEST can advise on the most suitable targeted approach to protect your business or home..

At PEST, we have the expertise and experience to eliminate birds from your home or business. We provide targeted, safe and effective treatments, suited to a particular bird problem and the location. Our tailored solutions and deterrents aim to stop the bird infestation reoccurring, and PEST can also offer preventative advice to protect your home or business in the future.


Below are just a few reasons to get any Bird infestation dealt with quickly…

  • Deface buildings & vehicles

    Birds can create an unpleasant environment with their droppings on building, vehicles, pavements. If you are a business this can affect your reputation.

  • Birds and the law

    During nesting season, there are restrictions concerning the removal of nests, and specialist advice should always be sought. Specialist licensing is required to remove a nest, and some birds are protected by law.

  • Health Hazard

    Droppings can transmit dangerous pathogens for several diseases including Salmonella, E Coli and Ornithosis. DIY bird control is not recommended because of the potential health hazards.