Rabbits breed at a very fast rate, and they produce several litters throughout the year, of 4-8 babies each time. Historically, their numbers were kept in check by natural predators and their use as a popular food source, but these days an increasing population often needs to be controlled. They are a common major nuisance for farmers and landowners, because they feed on leafy crops, gnaw and strip the bark from trees, and also leave holes and acidic droppings which kill grass. The damage they cause can also be costly to many other environments such as golf clubs, parks and gardens, where they will eat bulbs and undermine the ground with their burrows. PEST offer both rabbit control and rabbit proofing solutions, and we can advise on the most appropriate targeted method or combination of methods to eradicate rabbits where they are a problem.

At PEST we offer not just rabbit control and removal, but also a range of proofing services including fence installation, so for a full range of rabbit services call pest today.

At PEST, we have the expertise and experience to eliminate rabbits from your home or business. We provide targeted, safe and effective treatments, suited to a particular rabbit problem and the location. Our tailored solutions and deterrents aim to stop the rabbit infestation reoccurring, and PEST can also offer preventative advice to protect your home or business in the future.


Below are just a few reasons to get any Wildlife infestation dealt with quickly…

  • Costly Damage

    Rabbits are a major cause of disruptive and costly damage to crops, plants, trees and bulbs, particularly in the countryside. Their burrowing also undermines the earth in many environments including Golf Courses, Parks and Recreation Areas.

  • Population Control

    Where a rabbit population has become an out of control infestation, you should seek the help of a specialist pest control company who have experience in rabbit control and proofing methods.

  • Method of Control

    There are several methods of eradicating and controlling rabbits, and PEST can offer a detailed assessment before carrying out an appropriate course of action..