Rats are often found close to human habitats, and are particularly persistent in their efforts to gain access to warm buildings or places offering shelter. They can chew through strong materials and present a real hazard once they are inside a home or business. The pathogens they carry in urine and faeces can contaminate kitchens and food storage areas, and their historical association with disease is well known.

They can transmit serious diseases to human and animals such as Leptospirosis. Rats also can gnaw electrical wiring and cause hidden damage to the fabric of a building or vehicle, and can create an unseen fire risk to a home or building. Action should be taken whenever you have a rat infestation.

At PEST, we have the expertise and experience to eliminate rats from your home or business. We provide targeted, safe and effective treatments, suited to a particular rats problem and the location. Our tailored solutions and deterrents aim to stop the rats infestation reoccurring, and PEST can also offer preventative advice to protect your home or business in the future..


Below are just a few reasons to get any Rat infestation dealt with quickly…

  • Damage Property

    Rats are natural chewers, and will gnaw insulations pipes, wooden fixtures and piping to use for nesting material, or simply to squeeze through gaps..

  • Contaminate foodstuffs

    Pathogens in the urine and faeces of rats can contaminate foodstuffs and kitchen surfaces, and transmit serious diseases such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis.

  • Damage and Danger

    Hidden wiring that has been chewed by rats can present a genuine fire hazard, whether it is in your kitchen, attic, vehicle or any other location.